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ThePokerProf will discuss all the things you need to consider if you are looking to generate an income from online poker. We aim to motivate you to improve your poker game and get you thinking about what it takes to become a profitable poker player.

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If you’re completely new to Texas Holdem you’ll find our How to play guide the best place to start. Within this section you’ll also find a printable version of the Hand Rankings.

If you’re serious about making a profit from poker read the early basic poker stategy articles, these can be found under the Poker School section here.

Poker is a game of skill. To make a consistent profit it is important that you are knowledgable, knowledge is power after all. Be sure to read the Poker Resources section, there you’ll find full reviews of some of the best poker resources money can buy. These represent an excellent investment as the few £/$ you spend on them will earn you far more at the tables with the poker knowledge you’ve gained.

We hope you’re looking to become a profitable poker player from the comfort of your own home, to assist you we provide full information on the best online poker rooms to play. Check through our list at our Top Fives section for information on the most reliable, efficient, and profitable sites. These list is regularly updated.

Furthermore we have a Poker News section that is updated daily, this contains full articles on all that is happening in the world of poker, both online and offline.

You’ll also find a Poker Odds calculator that can be used retrospectively to help you improve your game. Not sure if you made the right play? Check here to see if you were getting the correct odds.

Looking for more? The Poker Blogs section reviews several excellent blogs of current online professionals together with a few budding ones. By reading them you’ll get a great idea of the life of an online pro: how much profit can be made, the daily swings, the ups, the downs etc etc.

You’ll also find a Useful Sites section. Unlike other poker information sites this list actually contains useful links! No link exchanges with other sites in an attempt to gain higher ranking in the search engines, just links to futher quality resources available on the net.

So, what are you waiting for?! You’ve got all you need right here. Bookmark us, get in touch, let us know your goals. There’s profit to be made playing poker online. It’s no get ‘rich quick scheme’ that’s for sure, but it is a reliable source of income for many players. With effort (add a little help from ThePokerProf) and you too can be generating poker profits from the comfort of your own home.